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This Premium YouTube Plugin for WordPress enables you to integrate different YouTube feeds into your blog. You can integrate YouTube channels, featured YouTube videos (Most Popular videos, Most View videos etc…), videos from playlists (New), videos from search results and also videos from default Categories (Music, Autos, News etc)
It also integrates several customizable widgets and shortcodes, and works with the very nice Fancybox to display video previews from the home page or widgets section.

Available exclusively on codecanyon

– Display videos from any YouTube channel (Demo)
– Display videos from any YouTube playlist (Demo)
– Display videos from a search result (you define your own keywords)
– Display videos from any default YouTube category (the list of all categories is given in the documentation)
– Display featured YouTube videos and apply a time filter (full filters to use given in the plugin documentation)
– Support shortcodes to integrate video feeds into your posts/pages
– Display the videos list on a wall style (Facebook style).
– Automatic videos preview from the posts list.
– No API key required (but you can set yours if you wish to)
– No need to touch any PHP file.
– Support pagination in video lists.
– Integrate a YouTube search to any of your posts or pages.
5 different types of widgets to display any supported video feed
– Support multiple instances of the same widget (infinite possibilities) – Integrate smoothly with Fancybox to play the videos from the widgets
– Choose how many videos you want to display in your widgets and lists !
– Customize your embed player size from the plugin settings, and the autoplay option.

Available exclusively on codecanyon

Demos using shortcodes (5 different shortcodes)
– Displaying videos from a YouTube channel: Demo
– Displaying videos from a playlist: Demo
– Display videos from a search results: Demo
– Display featured videos (most popular): Demo

Updates (v2.0 – 4 Nov 2012)
– Built-in Fancybox plugin (no more need to install a third party plugin)
– Added support for playlists
– Added support for displaying videos from a search result
– Added a player and stop icons on the video thumbnail displayed using the shortcode
– Added optional support for the YouTube API key for high traffic websites
– Improved the overall source code
– Added support for the new WordPress Widgets API
– SEO optimized for search engines.

29 thoughts on “YouTube for WordPress

    • That could be done easily by editing the source code, unfortunately we cannot do that from the interface. Thanks for using our plugin

  1. Hi,

    I bought youtube for wordpress plugin, and update to version 2.0.
    But when I try to load site with internet explorer all goes veeeery slow and with problems… the pages loads on 30 seconds!!!

    If I deactivate the plugin and clean my cache everything is OK again…

    Any idea why this behaviour?


    • Hi,

      We’ve just tested it on 2 different computers with IE and seems to work fine on our site, can you send us a link to your website to check it out if you still have the same issue? Thanks

  2. Hi, amazing plugin! One question before clicking the purchase button.

    Would like to display videos from a search results based on post taxonomy or post title through sidebar widget – does it work with this plugin?

    Hope to hearing from you soon.


    • Thanks, hope to count you among our fellow buyers in the future 🙂 The plugin is not supporting that feature since that’s quite complex, but you can have a widget based on any search results (and keywords) you choose

    • Hi,

      The YouTube plugin is supporting several shortcode and different parameters, all of them should be defined in the PDF documentation coming with the plugin package.

  3. Pingback: We keep proving support to all our customers !

  4. this plugin is seriously lacking documentation. I can’t believe how little the documentation is. for displaying videos from an youtube channel there is no code to use with the fancybox? using the shortcode your provide in the documentation the video doesn’t even play on my website, it just goes to Youtube! no shortcode provided for this also I bought this plugin for that and you don’t even include documentation for it? please clarify

    • I believe we had your issues all sorted out. The plugin comes with a PDF documentation explaining all the available shortcodes and their parameters. We also provide support to all our buyers in the case some conflicts may happen with the theme used or anything else 🙂

  5. Your plugin worked GREAT!!!! for a month, but now it isn’t working on my site, can you help me figure out why? I already made sure no other plugins are interfering.

  6. I can’t get the fancy box display when I embed the videos on a page, they don’t display in the fancybox that you show in the screenshots. It’s frustrating when it doesn’t produce the grid of videos when those are the screenshots shown in the marketplace. Please help.

  7. I can’t chnge the width the Thumbnails width to a different value at 80 and the text in the fancybox widget shown with strange characters and not in Spanish.

    Regards from Tenerife (Canary Islands – Spain) (Islas Canarias – España)

  8. Hello,
    Just I purchase your plugin for the personal page of my friend Alan!

    I need to change the colors to adjust to the website style!!

    Can you help me How I can adjust?



  9. Hi,
    I checked the demo of this plugin and seems suitable for my website. can you please tell me is it possible to view video in a lightbox popup ..
    Shahzada saeed

  10. I just purchased this script (YouTube for WordPress) and I’m utilizing the Search option. However, the search results aren’t accurate at all.

    For the most part, I want it so visitors can type in the search box and get accurate search results. What’s the best way of setting-up the shortcode?

    • The Videos Search results are the ones returned by the YouTube API, and by default they return the most popular videos. The results should be as good as the ones returned by the search since that’s both coming from YouTube.

  11. I need to watch youtube videos on my website without going off site.. is this possible with the help of this plugin??

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