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This plugin enables you to integrate a QR Codes generator into your WordPress using a single shortcode. It features a user friendly interface where your users can generate their own QR Codes (links, phone numbers, email messages, vCards, geo locations…) and do some customization (size, correction).

You can also use the widget to display the QR Code of the current page. Your users can just scan it to get your page URL.

Available exclusively on CodeCanyon

QR codes generator

Step 1
Encoding: Size: X Correction level:

Step 2

Current page QR code (displayed through a shortcode)

4 thoughts on “QR Codes

    • Hi,

      We will plan adding the ability to display automatically a QR Code in posts and pages, right now it’s supporting the same feature through the widget that automatically display the current page URL QR code. For customization requests please contact me by email using the form on my profile page here: http://codecanyon.net/user/yougapi, thanks

  1. Hello,

    I wonder whether this plug in can achieve the following.

    1, user generate their Vcard in the website. And all data will be saved into a list.
    2, can user email the created qr code to themselves.
    3, can I add chn language in it.



  2. I’m interested your writing script. However what i need is further activities on different ways of using code:

    1) Are there any way that I can generate multi code at a time (for example, 1 time i can generate 1000-5000 different/same codes)?
    2) Is there any ways that only allows or accept the code generated from website owner (this avoiding codes generates from other methods can link to the website where all codes must be stored/reported before anybody can link to)? ******
    3) Is there any ways that the customers can manage or view statistic information of the codes that they were created from my website? (for example, each scanned and linked code will report to the website)
    4) Is there any ways that we can limit the number of scan for each code ( 1 time limited or 500 times limited)? ******

    Please check all these further features (See how many you can afford):

    * Downloadable QR Code Report
    * Password Protected QR Codes
    * Keep QR codes private (
    * Account History (Access, re-generate and modify previously created QR codes)
    * Batch Processing (500 codes per batch for full subscriptions) – http://www.qrstuff.com/faqs.html#batch
    * Analytics (Date, time, location and device type when using our URL shortener. Excel data download too.) – http://www.qrstuff.com/images/analytics_screenshot.png
    * Customisable vCard landing page – http://www.qrstuff.com/vcard_template.pdf
    * Editable vCard QR Codes
    * Dynamic QR Codes
    * Hi-Res QR Code Images
    * Colour QR Codes
    * Error Correction Level (L)
    * URL Shortening*

    If you can do all of these. Please give me an offer.

    Best Regards

    Call me Sky
    [email protected]

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