Facebook Content Locker

This plugin enables you to lock a content (text, video, images, etc…) inside your WordPress posts or pages, and let your users only access it after connecting with their Facebook account. Your users will need to authorize your app to access your content, and you can define a message that will automatically get posted on your visitors Facebook wall. You also get your visitors emails, and you can export your users data as a CSV format.

This plugin is available exclusively on CodeCanyon.
Last update: December 2020

This locked box can also be styled the way you want, here we have applied a yellow background to it, and have changed the default color of the clickable title !

– Lock any content on your pages/posts
– Visitors need to connect with your app to unlock your content
– Lock an unlimited number of contents (on several pages/posts)
– Autopost your message and page URL on your visitors Facebook wall
– Get your users email address in your database
– Export users data to CSV
– Shortcode support
– Customize the title and message on locking page
– Customize the backgroud, link and text colors of the locking page
– Customize the message posted on users wall
– The most easy way to create premium content reserved for connected users
– AJAX powered plugin settings page

Demo 1 (locking an embed video)
Demo 2 (locking an article)

19 December 2012
– Updated to support latest Facebook API changes, and newest WordPress (v3.5)
– Whole new code base with a more powerful plugin settings interface
– Ability to have multiple locked content on the same page !
– Ability to customize the locked content box CSS, unlocked box, and also the clickable call to action title and message underneath it.

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