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This Twitter plugin for WordPress enables you to add the Twitter connect functionalities on your blog, and other useful things like Twitter widgets and buttons using WordPress shortcodes. It also includes several widgets (including Twitter friends and followers display for user who have connected). It also give you as a WordPress admin the ability to post statuses on your users Twitter timeline.


Available exclusively on codecanyon


– Enables users to connect with their Twitter account.
– Enables users to create a WordPress account using their Twitter credentials.
– Enables you to link a Twitter account to your WordPress first admin user.
– Store the Twitter users tokens into the database.
– Ability to post updates to your users Twitter timeline (even if they are logged out).
– 7 widgets ready to be used (Twitter connect, Twitter Friends, Twitter Followers, Last connected users, User Tweets widget, List Tweets widget, Favorited Tweets widget).
– You can customize how many users are displayed in the widgets.
– Ability to display the Twitter connect button wherever you want in your theme(by adding a PHP snippet provided in the documentation).
– Caching of Twitter API calls (set to 10 minutes).
– A set of shortcodes to display Twitter widgets and buttons in your posts or pages.
– A connect shortcode enabling you to integrate the “Connect to Twitter” functionality on any post or page.

Demos of the widgets (displayed using a one line shortcode in any post or page):
Twitter profile widget
Favorited Tweets widget
Twitter List tweets
Tweet buttons (3 types)
Follow buttons (18 styles)
Twitter connect functionality


7 thoughts on “Twitter connect for WordPress

    • Hi,

      Are you using the latest version v1.6? If no please update your plugin, it’s now supporting the newest WP release v3.5 🙂

  1. just want to know if the comment is going to be posted on my twitter account and if the plugin is going to make me auto-follow your account or if there is an option for that.
    (i’ll have the answer right away)

    • That features are not supported. But one major feature of this plugin is that we are able to post on your Twitter timeline as you, once you have connected with the plugin. And you can do the same thing for users connecting to your blog, using their Twitter account, if you have this plugin running on your blog 🙂

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