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This advanced Store Locator enables you to add and manage all your locations and their related information, and making it easy for your users to search and locate your stores or businesses on a Google Map. The plugin comes with 2 type of display, so you can have a page displaying your stores on a Google Map, and another displaying your store in a list.

This Store Locator is available exclusively on CodeCanyon
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– Built-in interface to add, edit and delete stores + categories management.
– Automatically geocode your store addresses.
– Ability to link stores to existing posts.
– Ability to automatically display stores information in related posts.
– You can add your store locator to any post or page using one shortcode.
– 3 types of stores display: in a Google Map or as a list, or both in the same time
– Support of pagination using the AJAX technology.
– Ability to search the closest stores by given address or postal code.
– Supports Google Maps v3 (no API key required).
– Support distances in Km or in Miles.
– Customizables Google Maps.
– Street View support.

– Demo1: Store Locator on a Google Map
– Demo2: Store Locator in a list
– Demo3: A store linked to a blog post
– Demo4: A store detail page

27 July 2014
– Added the ability to display the Map and list in the same time (enabled by default)
– Added the ability to filter the results by distance
– Added a CSS file and some styles to make it easier to do some form customization
– New and cleaner backend interface
– Improved the Map loading time
– New widget enabling the visitors to make a search by address and get redirected to the locator page
– New ability to load the closest stores in the Map and/or list displays

Updates (25 Dec 2012)
– Updated to support the latest WordPress version (v3.5)
– Fixed a minor issue with the streetview display settings
– Added a CSS to fix the conflict with the default WP themes
– Client geocoding supported instead of server side to avoid geocoding quotas limits

Updates (19 Dec 2011)
– Added the directions support (To and From withing the marker infowindow)
– Custom marker support for all stores (in addition to the categories custom markers)
– Ability to set the URL of the store locator in the settings, and get a redirection to it from the stores displayed in the widget for more information.
– General code improvements.

Updates (13 Oct 2011)
– Fixed an issue with the related posts choices to attach to a store to be limited to 5 (updated to 500).

Updates (2 Oct 2011)
– Support for custom markers that can be defined for each category and used on the Map (instead of the default Google Map marker).
– Added the ability to display a categories filter (powered by AJAX).
– New widget support enabling you to display the closest locations depending on the visitors location.

Updates (6 June 2011) – Version 1.2
– Categories support has been added.
– Street view support has been added as a Map overlay (clicking on a link from a marker InfoWindow).
– Added a CSS for a beter InfoWindow display and to avoind the horizontal scrollbar.

53 thoughts on “Store Locator for WordPress

  1. Hi there, I’ve just purchased your store locator plug in which is very much in line with what I need to do. However, it is missing a few key aspects which I need added in.

    Your code is well written, I am wondering how much it would cost to add the following to the plug in

    1. Allow stores to fit into multiple categories – say a store sells both shoes and t-shirts while another only sells shoes, I need to differentiate between these.
    2. Allow me to dynamically add fields in the store’s edit screen with the ability to have tiny MCE on these fields. I would like more control over the “description” field in that I’d like to add HTML in there, and I would also like to be able to add Fax Numbers or Post codes as a specific field. This will make that field searchable in the database which is a feature I need.

    If you could let me know ASAP that would be great, I need this done quite soon.

  2. I’m using your store locator plugin and for some reason the categories are not displaying. I can’t seem to find an option to turn these on/off. Is something wrong or am I missing something???

  3. I am interested in purchasing you plugin for my website.

    I run a few different dance classes and would love my customers to be able to put in their address/post code/city to find out which classes location is closest to them.

    But when they click on which ever class they would like, I need it to go to a specific page, which has all the information about that class.

    Hope all that make sense.

    Will this plugin do all this please? Thanks

  4. Hi! We purchased your plugin and have a couple of questions:

    1) Is there a way we can load all our dealers through an automated process rather than input each dealer one address at a time?

    2) can we create an automated process that updates the data when dealer info changes or when we add or delete a dealer?

    [email protected]

    • Hi,

      Thanks for your purchase! The shortcodes should be specified in the PDF documentation that you should have got with the plugin. You can use this shortcodes for ex: [store_wpress display="map"], or also [store_wpress display="list"]

  5. Hi, would like to buy the pluging, BUT I need to link / display geocoded addresses that are not postmeta, but are stored in DB. My programming skills are limited.

    Thank You

    • You mean on the stores details pages, you want to display the geocodes (latitude and longitude) of each address? That can surely be done and is a very small customization 🙂

  6. Hello, I’m interested in in purchasing your plugin.
    What standard fields has a store detailed page? is it possible to add custom fields (text, email or number)?
    I need a text field for general information, telephone number and email address, are they a default fields? or is there some way to add them?
    Thank you very much.

    • Phone, email, description fields are already supported. The plugin doesn’t support custom fields though. To be added need some customization

  7. Hi,
    Like your plugin. But what we need is to display a map with store icons displayed by default without entering a search. Is it possible to configure it somehow? Also if it would be possible to have a list of stores in alphabetical order of town names..

    • Both options are possible. The first is possible, the second may need a small customization. You can contact us through our codecanyon profile page for it, thanks !

  8. I have been using the plugin but now when I true to change the address I’m getting the error: “You have exceeded your daily request quota for this API”.
    My site was recently launched and it doesn’t have that much traffic yet. any idea what could have triggered that?

    • Please contact me through my codecanyon profile page with a link to it and admin access and will get a look. That also may be related to your site based on a server with other people, which have sites doing too many requests to the Google Map API

  9. Hi,

    I am interested in purchasing this plugin as it looks very functional. There has been no update since last year. Is Store Locator for WP still being maintained and updated in the future.

    Thanks for your time.


    • Thanks for your interest. The plugin has been updated several times since its release and still continue to be when necessary. We still providing support and supporting all our plugins!

  10. Hi – I’m interested in purchasing your plugin but am looking for one particular feature I’m not sure you have. We are a mobile business (think mobile massage) and want our location to be updated automatically depending on where we are. We will have an iphone/ipad in the mobile trailer at all times so is there anyway with you plugin it can track where we are?

    • Depend how you want it to work. With this plugin you can add all your locations from the backend, then the user visiting your site can search for the closest location, or also through categories if you defined any.

  11. Hi there,

    I installed the store locator plugin and I have 2 questions.. We use in on a website with charity location.

    1. is there a way for all off (over 200) these charities to upload/change their own address?
    2. Can I change the word “store” in de code to..let’s say: “Charity”? Because the word Store is confusing.

    Your help would be much appreciated! Thank you!

    • Hi, thanks for using our plugin !
      1. Currently there is no built-in upload (too complex). But we provide our buyers with a service for doing it for them.
      2. Yes sure, if you open the “store_locator_wpress” file, at the top you should locate some language variables and you can change the “Stores” to “Charity” from there

  12. Hello
    I purchased Store Locator and was wondering how I can make a few changes,
    I would like to change anywhere it says Store Location or the word store to Dealers, is this possible and if so where could I add this so when you come out with an update it will not overwrite the changes made.
    Thanks for your time and a great Plugin
    Tomi G

  13. Hello

    I am using the store locater. Very nice, but i need to have a multi-category support.

    Is that possible? how much this will cost?

    Leander Seyffer

    • We just released a new update to the plugin with the new ability to be able to filter through a distance filter. You can also see it live on our demo !

  14. Hi, I’ve bought your plugin and populate with 114 store.
    Now I display it here but the search doesn’t work and my console.log say me “URL problem about the APP Configuration”

    In the back-end I’ve set “URL of the store locator (where the main locator shortcode has been added)”:
    and I try with

    but doesn’t work!
    Please Help me!

  15. Hi,

    I already bought this plugin and everything works fine.

    Is it possible to disable the “xxx stores” below the search field?
    The users should not see how many stores are in the list.


  16. Hi,
    in your Demo (map view) when I add “86415 Mering, Germany” the map doesn’t adjust itself? Why does it still show sth in America?
    Why isnt it pointing to the point of interest with 0 results? Will that be possible with your plugin?

    • That’s because we don’t have any store in Germany. The locator search displays the closest store to a given address, so since we don’t have any stores in Europe, the closest to your searched address are in the US. I just added some addresses in Germany so you can have much closer results if you try again with a German address !

  17. Is it possible to change references of store to ‘adviser’? I’m using the plugin to search for financial advisor rather than a store.

    The two places I can see need to change are
    store name (on the detail page)
    3 stores (under the search field)

    Where can I change these please?



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