Facebook Connect for WordPress

Latest update: 13 December 2020

This Facebook Connect plugin for WordPress enables you to add the Facebook Connect functionalities into your website. This feature would allow your visitors to create a new WordPress account if they are not connected, or attach their Facebook account to an active WordPress user if they are already connected.

No more need for your users to remember their username / password. They can just connect securely in a click of a mouse with their Facebook account!

This plugin also provides a way to get your users Facebook email (that has usually been verified). You can export your users data and emails in a CSV format. You can also define an Autopost Email Message that gets sent automatically to all the users who connects for the first time with their Facebook account.

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– Ability to connect in one click with a Facebook account.
– Your visitors can create a WordPress account using their Facebook credentials.
– Ability to attach a Facebook account to your WordPress admin user.
– Get your users Facebook email and store it into your database.
– 2 Widgets (Facebook Connect and Last Connected Users).
– Customize how many users are displayed in the widgets.
– Shortcodes to add the Facebook Connect on your Posts or Pages
– Ability to display the Facebook connect button in your theme (using a PHP code provided in the documentation).
– Ability to export your users data in a CSV format (New)
– Email Autopost feature (New)

Installing the plugin the first time

Please make sure you try the plugin with a default WordPress theme (ex: Twenty ten) to make sure it works properly. Some themes are not coded properly and doesn’t always respect the official best practices for themes development, and can cause some plugins to not work properly. Knowing that will help diagnostic any problems you could have making this plugin work as expected.

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