Google Plus Connect for WordPress

Price: 12.00$
Happy buyers: 30

This plugin enables you to integrate the Google Plus Connect functionality into your own WordPress site. That means users can connect into your WordPress using their Google Plus account and get a real WordPress user created. Existing WordPress users can also attach their Google Plus account and be able after that to connect with Google Plus instead of using their user/password.

This plugin include 2 widgets one used to display the connect box (or connected if a user Google Plus account is detected), and another one to display the last connected users.


– Enables users to connect with their Google Plus account
– Enables users to create a WordPress account using their Google Plus credentials
– Enables users (and admin users) to login to the blog, using a Google Plus account
– Enables you to attach a Google Plus account to your first WordPress admin user
– 2 widgets ready to be used (one for the connect functionalities and one to display the last connected users)
– You can customize how many users are displayed in the widgets
– Private mode supported wheb displaying users
– Shortcode support to integrate the connect functionality into any page
– Shortcode support to display the last connected users in any page