Facebook Login & Secure PHP Area

Price: 16.00$
Happy buyers: 310

This app enables you to get a secure area accessible only by logged-in users. New users can create a new account or connecting using their Facebook account, or they can do it by entering their own information (username, password, email etc).

A super admin user exists and is able to manage registered users, disable or activate users, or delete existing users. The super admin can also access the users information (email, last connected date and time etc.)


– Secure area accessible only by connected users
– Ability to connect using a Facebook account or a regular login/password
– Users can create a new account and be able to access the reserved area
– Account page for the user to view and edit their information
– Supports a super admin user that can manage registred users
– The admin user can delete, disable or re-activate users, as well as pages
– User interface based on the bootstrap library
– Users are stored on a MySQL database
– User passwords are encrypted using the highest standards
– Email validation for all new accounts
– Ability to send email using a gmail account instead of the hosting email server
– You can get the app working and users connecting to it in less than 10 minutes !
– The most easy way to get an app featuring a Facebook connect functionality

You can extend the functionality of this app and use it as a base for your admin area or customers portal.


21 Oct 2017 – v1.5
– Major update of the app, with a new code base, a different database structure, a more secure login system, emails validation, sending of email using gmail, etc…
– For buyers using an app released before this date, please check the new documentation, and make sure you are using the new database structure
10 Oct 2015
– Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.4
– Updated to the latest Bootstrap version 3.3.5
28 May 2014
– Updated to the latest Facebook API v2.0
– Updated to the latest Bootstrap version 3.1.1
19 July 2013
– Updated to our latest Facebook connect library
25 Dec 2012
– Updated the app with the latest Facebook API changes
– Added a “Reset password” feature sending a reset link through email (bonus)
– Added a change password feature for connected users (bonus)