Domains Names Checker

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This app enables you to have a domains names checker on your website. The app can run in 3 different search modes (including an AJAX search and an instant search). It’s based on 2 different API providers. You can set which one to use from the config file.

The app enables you to define your own affiliate URLs to register a new domain.

This app also comes with a built-in area (at the top of the search input), that you can customize from the config file with your own ad banner code. After purchasing this app, you get the full source code enabling you to run an app just like on our demo page !

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– Enable your visitors to check for domains availability
– Supporting .com .co .net .org .mobi .biz extensions and more when using the Dreamhost API provider
– 3 different types of searches (including an AJAX search and instant search)
– Supporting an area to set your own affiliate or ad banner
– Supporting 3 domains checking service providers
– You can define your own affiliate registration links o and whois URL
– Very clean user interface
– Requires very minimal configuration, get this app running in minutes !


12 Apr 2017
– Updated the API calls – Now supporting Domainr (Mashape), Dreamhost and Domainstatus (Mashape) for the API providers
– Updated to the latest Bootstrap 3.3.7
– Added a dedicated dialog for suggested domains (when using the domainr API provider)
7 Jun 2015
– Dropped the support of the domainr service. Replaced by a different service that is FREE and doesn’t request providing any credit card information
29 Apr 2015
– Updated to the latest Domainr API and the ability to define the domainr client id
27 Sep 2014
– Updated the app with the latest domainr API changes
29 Oct 2012
– Added the ability to open a Whois search page directly if a domain is already registered
– Added suggested domains if a domain is already taken (includes .com .net .org .co and other extensions)

Domains Names Checker for WordPress