Facebook Friends Inviter

This plugin is a new version of our previous Inviter plugin and has been fully rewritten, featuring a new backend interface, and using the latest Facebook developments to invite friends and post a message on a friend wall.

This plugin enables you to integrate a Facebook Friends Inviter on any blog post or page. Your visitors will have the ability to define the message posted on their friends wall, but you can define as an admin the image and link that will be automatically attached to each message posted on your visitors friends wall.

This plugin also have a way to reward your visitors for inviting their friends, by unlocking a special content (that you can define from the default WP editor), and you can also define how many friends a visitor need to invite before being able to view your hidden content (that can be a coupon code, a secret code, a video, an image, or any content you wish).

This plugin is available exclusively on CodeCanyon.

Check out the demo here

– The newest and more advanced Friends Inviter for WordPress (March 2013)
– Integrate to any page or post using one shortcode
– Invitations are posted on user’s friends wall
– Customize the links and images attached to the posted messages
– Can be used as a content locker (New)
– Define the number of invitations that a user need to send before unlocking your content
– Built-in Facebook connect feature
– Let users invite friends only once per inviter instance
– You can use an unlimited number of inviters on different pages, with their own settings and/or locked content (New)
– Get started in minutes and boost your blog traffic !

6 thoughts on “Facebook Friends Inviter

  1. Hi, I bought this plugin through code canyon, and it doesn’t work (no invites are sent). I see it has now been taken down from code canyon.

    Is this issue going to be fixed any time soon? This would be a really useful feature for our site. thanks

  2. I clicked on your DEMO HERE link then clicked on the send to your Facebook friends link and all I get is a blank page. Is this plugin working or now and if it is, can you fix the demo so I can demo it?

  3. Hi … great looking plugin …
    1. Will other shortcodes (including your like gate plugin) etc work within the shortcode needed to unlock page content ?

    2. Can call to action disappear after required number of friends/posts invited (sorry i didnt use demo) … and can the size of the window that displays friends images be resized ?

    Thanks in advance.

    • 1. Not sure, but if not you can contact me through my codecanyon profile and can assist you getting it to work !
      2. The inviter is not displayed once the minimum number of friends (defined by the admin) has been reached. For the size need to be customized in the source code, but by default it’s set to the page width

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