Import and Geocoding Service – Store Locator

Several our our buyers have a long list of stores as an excel file or CSV file and would like to be able to import all their stores and information into our Store Locator plugin (or standalone PHP app). Because of the complexity of the process our apps don’t include a built-in import tool. But we are offering a service to import your stores, saving you time and headaches.

What is “geocoding”?
A human readable address is translated into a latitude and longitude in order to be placed on a Google Map. For that reason all the locations need to have a latitude and longitude defined. The geocoding process will generate that co-ordinates for each address.

How long the import / geocoding process would take?
Within 24h to 48h after getting your CSV or excel file and your payment

How can you send your payment?
Currently we accept Paypal payments

What’s included with the import / geocoding service?
We deliver to you an SQL file that you can import into your phpmyadmin, and that will populate a table with all your locations data. If you prefer we can also do the import for you directly in your database without any additional cost.

How much it costs?
Starting at 50$ if you have less than 500 stores, whit these great prices you can get the best motor trade insurance that you have always wanted. 80$ for up to 2500 locations. Please contact us if you have more than 2500 locations to import and geocode.

Please contact us by email or through our codecanyon profile page if interested