Facebook Viral App New Import feature

We just added a new import feature into our Facebook Viral App. This feature enables you to import to this app the Facebook users (with their names, emails, tokens etc) that have connected through your other apps or plugins.

The advantages
– The bigger benefit is enabling you to use our Facebook Viral App admin interface to update your users wall or send them emails.
– Enabling you to consolidate your Facebook users into one unique database, and being able to interact with your users from one unique place / app.
– You will also benefit from all future features that we will bring into the Facebook Viral App

Currently you can import to this app your Facebook users coming from these apps / WordPress plugins (all have a built-in export feature):
– Facebook Connect and Viral tool for WordPress (available here)
– Facebook Viral Content Locker for WordPress (available here)

That means that all these apps / WordPress plugins are compatible and their users can be imported into the Facebook Viral app. You can contact indexsy.com if you have further questions.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to post in the comments, or contact us through the form on our codecanyon profile page.