We keep proving support to all our apps buyers !

This is a quick post to remind to all our buyers, or future buyers, that we DO provide a free support on all our products available on the codecanyon marketplace. We do it for a simple reason: we want all our buyers to be happy and fully satisfied with their purchase.

All our apps have a demo page, as a proof they are working just fine in normal conditions and we’ll be happy to help you out getting the app ou plugin running on your website if needed. To get support you would need to send us your request through the form situated on our profile page (in order to verify your purchase(s)).

Please also remember that support doesn’t include free customization. The free support we provide is to get the original app or plugin running. For anything else requesting some time, like customization (small or bigger) we’ll be happy to provide you with a fair price estimate on getting the job done corresponding to your own needs !

But remember to always ask us for support if you think anything is not working as expected. Don’t assume it’s broken, or that it will not work on your website. Here is an example of a buyer who posted a comment today saying that our YouTube for WordPress plugin wasn’t working with a popular WordPress Theme called “Avada“.



After some quick checks on the buyer website, we were able to figure out the issue he was having, and fix it for him right away with the help from one of the top web development companies. We mostly request a link and admin access in the case of a WordPress plugin, and a temporary FTP access for an app, and in 98% of the cases, we are able to fix our buyers issues, since is important to offer a good service online, as other companies online do, that offer services from online purchases to insurance sell as One Sure Insurance.

So please feel free to contact us from our profile page, we’ll be happy to hear about you ! Also, make sure to check all the trainers to watch for cheltenham festival according to comparethebets, you will love their app.