NHP Options Framework for WordPress

Before starting talking about the NHP Options Framework, let’s talk a bit about some history.

As you may know we have created several WordPress plugins over the last months. Most WP plugins need a settings page, where the admin can set his settings data (it could be the Facebook app id and secret for a Facebook plugin for ex, some customization data, it can be anything a plugin needs to run properly…). We started by creating our own setting page, and trying to standardize it the best we could, to enable us to reuse some codes and save time when creating other plugins.

Then we started working on our own WordPress plugin framework, mostly focused on the settings page (that has even a color picker), that was using AJAX to save the settings data, and also had some other useful functions and hooks, saving us some time. It was like a blackbox, loosing some flexibility overall though… and since we are not focused on design, the look and feel didn’t really satisfy us.

Recently we did some research about frameworks, or better ways to have a plugin settings page. We finally decided to use the “NHP Options Framework for WordPress“, that has the looks and feel we want, and enough flexibility to manage all the settings we need in our plugins. We still need to figure out some stuff, but overall and after updating 2 plugins using this framework, we are very satisfied with the results.

Now we don’t really see a big issue in having some hooks repeated, if there are very clear, and easy to reuse. There is really no need to have a blackbox for everything, if we loose too much flexibility. There is a balance to find.